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At Family Psychotherapy, we offer family therapy and counselling sessions knowing that every family is unique and that familial bonds are for life. Whether you are a family of origin or choice, a couple, an individual, or a family business, these connections—no matter the physical distance or the passage of time— can be a source of great strength or challenges.

Family Psychotherapy offers flexible systemic family therapy and counselling online across Scotland and the UK and in person in Edinburgh.

We provide a safe and inclusive space, along with the clinical expertise and skills to transform relationships to foster closer connections, improve mental health, and promote well-being.

Family therapy session

What is systemic family therapy?

It’s a family therapy approach that focuses on the interactions and relationships within a family or group. By focusing on the family system as a whole, systemic family psychotherapy aims to create lasting positive changes that benefit all members, leading to healthier and more harmonious relationships.


who family therapy is for?

It’s suitable for a wide range of families and individual members of nuclear families, extended families, couples, blended families, separated or divorced families, family businesses, families facing life transitions, same sex families, single parents households, families with addiction and/or multiple trauma or mental health issues in both adults and children.

Family counselling session with a mother an son
A parent and a teenage son family therapy session

What can family therapy help with?

It’s beneficial for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and OCD, behavioural issues like conduct disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders, relational issues such as marital, parent-child and intergenerational conflicts. It aids in navigating life transitions, grief and chronic illnesses, and it’s effective in managing psychosomatic conditions, trauma, and PTSD.


What does Family Therapy look like?

Systemic family therapy is a collaborative and dynamic process tailored to the unique needs of each family, intending to foster healthier relationships and more effective communication. Some elements involve initial assessment, setting goals, creating a safe environment, exploring family dynamics, conflict resolution, regular feedback and focus on relationships.

Couple counselling session conflict resolution
whatever your needs and availability

you can choose to join your sessions


Busy with work? Children at school? Access Family Psychotherapy from anywhere in the UK.

In Person

Visit our pretty and comfortable North Edinburgh location for face-to-face sessions (by appointment only).


Combine remote and in-person sessions or invite each family member to make their own decision.


Learn more about what The Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice and the UK Council for Psychotherapy say about systemic family therapy. Both organisations not only have strict requirements for registering qualified family therapists but also for their continuous professional development and adherence to standards and codes of ethics. They shape our practice at Family Psychotherapy and are reflected in our Therapeutic Contract.


previous Clients said:

I quickly developed a strong sense of trust with Mal which allowed me to open up and process traumatic experiences I had never explored so deeply with any other therapist before.

Zee, 35

The time set aside to talk has been very helpful. It gave us a good insight into our relationship.

Sarah, 42

The sessions helped me to understand better others’ emotions. They have been very useful, and the atmosphere has been very inclusive. Thank you!

Kasia, 39

Having the reflecting team in the sessions was a bit odd at first! But it was useful to hear reflections from a third party view.

Ester, 42

It’s been good to have dedicated space to reflect. Thank you very much!

Paul, 44

The reflecting them experience has been very useful. The discussions between reflectors helped me to acknowledge some emotions and behaviours and understand them better. Great experience. Thank you!

Monica, 38

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